Creative Writing For Business: One-Day Workshop

Good communication matters to every organisation.

And the use of vital, positive, effective language will help you get your message across.

Whether you’re communicating with your employees, customers or business partners, our Creative Writing for Business course will help you use language and narrative techniques to write in ways that will resonate with everyone associated with your business.

Set in peaceful countryside, our workshop studio is an inspiring space for participants to let go of fear, discover their voice and, ultimately, use their words to become ambassadors for their business.

Dive straight into practical exercises

And receive honest feedback on your writing. We will explore why the written word is so powerful, look at who inspires us as writers, and what makes their work so readable. We will discover that at the heart of all good creative writing is story; whether it’s a company press release, internal memo or a letter to your most difficult client, a compelling narrative will get your reader to the end wanting more.

Part of our time will be spent on technique: use of creative language and metaphor, editing and structure, as well as the key ingredients of successful storytelling.

The rest will be spent doing what we love most: writing.  Some of this will be business writing (we want you to bring along some examples of your own), but the really exciting bit will be the non-work writing challenges.

Dip into poetry, short stories, scripts and blogging 

Why? Because if we get into the habit of creative writing, we raise our awareness of ourselves and those around us. We get into the habit of framing our thoughts in new and imaginative ways. And we get out of the habit of writing the same old stuff in the same old way.

All of which is great for our own personal development, and for our ability to contribute creatively to the messages we put out on behalf of our business.

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From £395 per person depending on venue and numbers


Email us or call 07941 877269

Email us or call:

07941 877269

Creative Training Ltd.
Holt House, Leigh Road, Bradford-on-Avon, BA14 6RL

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"Trainers really know their stuff and helped us break out of writing 'safe' copy"

Lisa Price, Digital Comms Manager

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Gail Parminter

Writer, Creative Director and Trainer

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