Redrawing the box – a creative approach to creative thinking and thinking outside the box

“….thinking inside the box is no longer good enough; thinking outside the box is cliché. The organisations that are redrawing the box are the ones making their mark…”


Creativity is about breaking away from established patterns

It's about thinking and seeing things differently, exploring new territory and generating new ideas. Creativity is a gift. But it’s not just the preserve of artists and poets. Uncovering the creativity within us brings us to life. It gives us a fresh perspective on our surroundings, we see things in a new light.

Whether it’s baking bread, wearing a flowery shirt, drawing a self-portrait or crafting some killer web-copy, by expressing our creativity we make a unique mark on the world. We produce, we challenge, we inspire, we make people around us sit up and notice: something different, something refreshing, something cool, clever, or crazy, something that is ours and no-one can take away from us.Our creativity is an expression of our vitality. It comes from deep within us, it’s personal, it’s part of our DNA. It’s truly a thing of beauty.

Creativity is universally admired and envied. Why?

Because most people believe they aren’t creative. They think creativity belongs to others – to stand-up comics and composers, ballerinas and boy-bands. By attending this course, you’ll uncover the creativity in you, and learn to use it for your own personal development and for the benefit of the business you work for. Set in peaceful countryside, our workshop studio is an inspiring space for participants to let go of fear, discover their creativity and, ultimately, use it to become ambassadors for their business. Alternatively, we can run the course at your offices

  • We start by getting to understand what creativity is. We then learn about the brain and how it can be finest friend or filthiest foe in our quest for creativity. We look at the brain as a pattern-recognition super-processor, and the limits this places on our thinking. We explore the left-side/right-side conflict in the brain, and look at ways of getting the left-side to ‘say no’, so the right-side can do its creative thing.
  • You will also be exposed to new research on how the mind works, in particular how the brain has two ways of thinking, fast brain/slow brain, which can lead to bias, over-confidence, cognitive overload and blindness – and be a serious obstacle to creativity.
  • We’ll explore the conscious and unconscious minds, and discover how sleep and intensive exercise are the allies of creativity. We’ll identify the barriers to creativity, and, throughout the day, learn the strategies for breaking them down.
  • We’ll discover the five-step creative-thinking process – in which the right and left sides work together in harmony – and explore the importance of creative writing, especially journaling, as part of the creative process.
  • We’ll learn about other creative organizations, and how they get the creative best out of their people. We’ll practise creative problem-solving techniques to solve real problems – improvisation, lateral thinking, story-telling, brainwriting etc.
  • To end, you’ll share what you’ve learnt, action-plan your new approach and pledge on camera what you’ll do differently from now on.


"This was a great course for our creative team, we all enjoyed it and learnt a lot. It was good to all spend the day being creative and thinking in a different way - very refreshing!" 

Kim Timmins, Marketing Manager, Vygon UK

"The trainers were brilliant! They kept my attention all day, were really supportive and fun too. Other best bits were getting advice on approaching a creative brief, working together as a team more and keeping an open mind for all ideas - even the mad ones!"

Mollly Cox, Graphic Designer, Vygon UK

Course length: One day

Prices from £395 per person depending on venue and numbers.


Email us or call 07941 877269

Email us or call:

07941 877269

Creative Training Ltd.
Holt House, Leigh Road, Bradford-on-Avon, BA14 6RL

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What others say

"A great course for our team, we enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Good to all spend the day being creative and thinking in a different way - very refreshing!"

Kim Timmins, Marketing Manager, Vygon UK

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Gail Parminter

Writer, Creative Director and Trainer

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