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Discover new and fresh ways of working together, strengthening the team and developing each individual within it

“Teams are at the heart of how the best organisations work. Rarely do we operate in isolation. We get the best results from the creative input of others. Team and individual are inter-dependent – sharing skills, knowledge and strengths. Collaborating with others is how we get the best out of ourselves… .”

Good teams, average teams, teams that just don’t work. We’ve all had experiences of working in teams, some not as successful as others.

By attending this course, you will take time out to:

o explore what you really want to achieve by working as a team
o assess how you are currently performing as a team
o investigate your individual motivations and behaviours and how they help or hinder you as a team player, and
o investigate how you can tap into your creativity to become a higher-performing team.

Creativity is about breaking out of established patterns of thinking. Our brain is highly skilled at seeking out and recognizing patterns. It can easily trick us into believing the same old way is the only way. Creative thinking is disruptive and challenging, opening our minds to the fact that the answer we have to the question is certainly not the only answer, and probably not the best. On this course, you will learn to think creatively and work creatively together.

The course takes you on a three-step journey:

1. Assess/understand – What defines a team? What defines our team?
2. Reflect – Who am I? How do I fit into this team?
3. Create – We develop creative ways to become a high-performing team.

Step One

We dip into some of the theory of how teams work, looking at:

o the formation of teams
o the balance between team, task and individual
o team leadership and motivation, and
o the ingredients of the high performing team.

We also look at how our team is working: vision, values and leadership, communication, empowerment, structure .

Step Two

Before the session, you will be asked to complete your own Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI). This is a psychometric instrument that gets us looking at ourselves and how we interact with others. Through it, we explore what motivates us and how that is reflected in our behaviour towards those around us, both when things are going well and when we’re in conflict.

Self-awareness is a key step in ensuring we are conscious of how we come across to our fellow team members, and will help us develop tools to communicate more effectively and grow as a team.

We'll explore what our individual results tell us about the team:

o What are the team strengths?
o What are the team blind sides?
o What could we do differently at individual and/or team level in order to make the team more effective?
o What may other teams see/hear from this team?

Step Three

We look at ways of working creatively together, using the Six Secrets of a High Performing Team as our framework:

i. Creativity – we work in an environment where ideas flow freely and there’s no fear of failure
ii. Accountability – we are in this for others
iii. Communication – we have healthy debate and an open approach to conflict
iv. Awareness – we are aware of self and others, we are open and not hidden, there is mutual trust and understanding
v. Hunger – we are hungry for our own personal growth, and the growth of fellow team members
vi. Desire – we share a burning desire to achieve a common goal.

Each member of the team will present their vision of how the team will work in the future, using one the of Six Secrets as an anchor-point. We will give open and honest feed-back to each other, and collaborate to create a shared team-vision for the next twelve months.

We end with a good old-fashioned team-building game!

“You will discover new and fresh ways of working together, strengthening the team and developing each individual within it…. Because we’re in this together. “

Course length: One day


Full-day course at our training facilities
Including morning coffee, lunch and afternoon cream-tea, held at the Glove Factory Studios, Holt, Wiltshire www.glovefactorystudios.com

Up to 6 delegates: £2,370 (plus £45 per delegate, SDI on-line inventory pack)

6 –10 delegates:  Add £250 per additional person

Email us or call 07941 877269

Email us or call:

07941 877269

Creative Training Ltd.
Holt House, Leigh Road, Bradford-on-Avon, BA14 6RL

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